I wanted to take the time to give a mention to my experience with Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan from Accent Advisors. I had pulled him into a project that was for a product development in pharma/life sciences space and I have to say that the result was more than I expected as an output. The scope of the project involved market research, technology feasibility, financial analysis, process analysis and optimization, raw material and supply chain analysis, permit requirement, and identifying market/revenue generation opportunities. Dr. Srinivasan went above and beyond to cover the nitty gritty including areas of the project that we hadn't previously considered. He was extremely professional in his demeanor as well as his body of work and has created a lasting impression on me and my team. We would love to include him in future projects for his input and his dedication to the project at hand.

Ameya Nadkarni
Drug Ocean
New York, NY

Sanjay completed a marketing study for an industrial lubricant market application. His report was thorough, timely, and complete. He also provided insights and recommendations regarding how our technology might best be developed for this particular application. We look forward to working with Sanjay on future projects.

Mark Durchholz
Global Business Director
Emery Oleochemicals
Cincinnati, Ohio

I worked with Sanjay on a complex global project which required a combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking. Sanjay was a reliable partner, and delivered some valuable market insights. His technical expertise, practical approach, and marketing acumen added value to our thinking, and I will welcome an opportunity to work together again.

Yana Wilkinson
Director, Energy at Kline & Company
London, United Kingdom

Sanjay and I worked together during our tenure at North Highland. He has a refreshing and insightful view of the 'big picture' and will go the extra mile to take projects to the next level. His experience and travel allow him to understand business from a global perspective. I enjoyed his wit and encouragement on a daily basis!

Cathie Brown
Chief Information Security Officer & GRC Practice Lead
Impact Makers
Richmond, Virginia

Sanjay has a track record of demonstrated leadership. He is very effective at building client relationships, understanding the needs of his clients and delivering the level of knowledge and thought leadership to enable success for any of his clients. In my opinion, he brings a complete package of skills that will make him a versatile asset on any project or endeavor.

Thomas Marshall-
Associate Partner worked with Sanjay at IBM.

In need of some expert assistance in raising capital for a new business venture, good providence stuck when I met Sanjay. He presented his portfolio to me in a professional manner that ensured discretion and protection of his previous clients. As a result of the tumultuous economic environment, I knew a rock solid business plan would be required if conventional lending channels were going to be possible and Sanjay delivered in spades. His work ethic was beyond reproach as was his vision, creativity, and research skills. With several financial institutions showing real interest, I discarded this particular effort for business reasons altogether separate from Sanjay. However, as a result of his mediation and negotiation efforts on my behalf, which went above and beyond the scope of our contract, I asked Sanjay to consider a partnered business venture in the future. In my mind, there would be nobody more knowledgeable, intuitive or trustworthy as a business partner than Sanjay…he and his lovely family are simply the best!

Brian Dow
Director of Admissions
Delta Education / Miller Motte College
Raleigh, NC

Sanjay is one of a rare breed of people who can think through the details of a complex business, spend hours on researching all aspects of it and present the facts in pictures for everyone to understand. Not only can he do the research and present the findings but he can also implement the solution to the problems identified with a passion. I will recommend Sanjay to any CXO to analyze and present solutions to their business problems. I would like to work with Sanjay any day.

Mohan Aiyaswami
General Manager-Strategy & Architecture
Toll Group
Melbourne, Australia

Sanjay is detail oriented and achieves insightful results in his consulting work. Sanjay's leadership was instrumental to the success of a recent project, we were pleased with the work product.
Charlie Alexander

President & CEO at The Living Legacy Foundation of MD
Hospital & Healthcare
Baltimore, MD

I met Sanjay in 2007 during a consulting assignment that IBM was delivering for the supply chain organization at Avaya. Sanjay exhibited a great deal of professionalism, tact and strong analytical skills during this assignment. He also has a strong ability to synthesize findings into clear business oriented solutions. I recommend him without reservation.

Dhinesh Guhan
ERP Finance Integration Leader
GE Oil & Gas
Houston, Texas

​It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan and his company, Accent Advisors. I have known Sanjay for over twenty years, and during this time he has shown very high business and personal integrity, a vast knowledge of lubricants, and especially lubricant additives. 

He is a very creative product development chemist. For example, Sanjay was a very important part of the development team for a synthetic automatic transmission lubricant that had sales in excess of $100,000,000 per year. We could not have made this product without Dr. Srinivasan’s assistance. 

As the above shows, Dr. Srinivasan and Accent Advisors would be able to provide great value to his clients.

Dr. James F. Landry 

Techinical Coordinator

Huskey Specialty Lubricants

1580 Industrial Ave. Norco, CA 92860 

(951) 340-4000

I worked with Dr. Srinivasan in the past as part of my work with the General Motors Automatic Transmission Fluid Committee and called on him for various technical guidance during my years at GM Powertrain and Allison Transmission. I know Sanjay to be an effective manager and impressive innovator and problem solver. He possesses a unique ability to understand complex driveline fluid performance issues and requirements and then successfully formulate chemistries accordingly. It was always my opinion that Sanjay could not only meet a specification but also typically exceed performance expectations. Sanjay is a detailed, goal oriented, research scientist. But, more importantly to me, he is a true friend. When Sanjay is involved in a project, he automatically creates respect for himself and his ideas through his obvious qualifications coupled with an unassuming and endearing spirit.

Thomas Johnson 

President & Co-owner

JG Lubricant Services, LLC

Indianapolis, Indiana